The Good, the Bad, the La Bandita / by Christopher Myers

This past month, fellow photographer Tuan Lee, a handful of carefully selected crew members, a gorgeous model, and myself took to the Mojave desert to film a short fashion video and the result is gorgeous.

The Good. I personally really enjoyed working on this project because I was surrounded by such great people. This was Tuan Lee's project and I was honored he chose me to be the DP for the endeavor.

The Bad. This was originally supposed to be a one day shoot, however a series of comical errors with the show car almost made us loose a whole day of shooting. While driving on the freeway the car began to over heat and smoke profusely. Getting off the freeway we pulled into a gas station and let the engine cool off while waiting for the mechanics from the rental company to show up. There were some raised eyebrows when two gangster looking men pulled up in a low rider, but turned out to be the mechanics. They resolved to taking out the thermostat and send us on our way; had we known anything about cars, we would have dropped our heads in discontent, but off we went. We nearly made it to our destination when the car overheats again. At the gas station in the desert where we broke down all sorts of characters came out of the woodwork to take a look at our situation. One guy worked in the factory that built the cars, another gentlemen called his mechanic friend in town, another brought his "grand-pappy" over to take a look. People we didn't even notice asked us about the car the next day when we returned.

Overall it was a great experience and I hope you enjoy the final outcome. For you tech heads out there, this was actually filmed on my Nikon D810. I absolutely love the video capabilities of this camera. Sure, I can't install magic lantern, but we didn't need it, and life was all the easier. Let me know what you think in the comments.