Here Comes the Fall Fashion with / by Christopher Myers

If anyone's looking to get a jump on the latest fall fashions, head over to and take a look at the updated inventory. Not only am I shooting it, but I personally love the style. Girls wearing these styles definitely turn my attention. These aren't up on the site yet, but here's a sneak peak at some of the upcoming pieces.

Slimskii likes their pictures a little more editorial then some of the other companies I shoot for. This time around I used a Westcott parabolic umbrella, silver, with the diffuser. At a whopping 7' this thing is huge, but I love it! The wrap from this light is incredibly creamy and delicious. I love it so much that I currently leave all my soft boxes at home, and haven't even touched my other umbrellas. The only down side is if you're a strobist, you'll have to rig it with a popper since it's so big that it hides the slave eye. You'll still love it to death. Maybe in the future I can do a comparison between the softlighter, Paul C Buff's parabolic umbrella, and the Westcott, but for now just know that I absolutely love the one I have. Look for a video update soon on my use of it.


The model here is Chelsea Gabrielle. She was great to work with, took direction well (but mostly didn't need it), and showed up on time! Pro. Follow her instagram here.